Time Commercial Property Inspections

Custom Reporting

Your Information. Your Presentation.

Our work does not end at the conclusion of the inspection. Our next task is converting all of the data and information gathered during the inspection process into a streamlined and efficient report. Everything you want to know, in the format you want to view.

We offer all clients their choice of our standard reporting process, or a customized presentation that is tailored to their specifications and design. All reporting guidelines are discussed before we step foot on the property, to ensure minimal processing time between the conclusion of the inspection, and the viewable report in your inbox.

Time Commercial Property Inspections

Transmitting the highest amount of valuable information in the shortest possible time. Our custom reporting process is designed to deliver the precise details that reward your due diligence. The report that you need, in the format you prefer.

Our inspection reports can be customized for a presentation style that best suits your analysis. From simple fine-tuning to completely unique layouts, we craft reports meticulously. Let us know the specific details of the property that are most relevant to your position, and our report will highlight them front and center.

Give us a call or text today, and we can outfit your next commercial property inspection with a fully customized report.


All information gathered during our inspection process is presented in a comprehensive written report. Many clients prefer to sort the report sections according to the most critical components of the property to be inspected. Let us know when requesting your inspection that you would like to customize the report. We will include all designated reporting options in the inspection proposal for you to review.

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