Built to reinforce your Time.
Designed to protect your Capital.

As an investor, Time and Capital are your two most valuable resources. You safeguard them by putting in the hours, doing the research, and making effective decisions. You expect a return, and your results speak for themselves.

Due diligence is the name of the game. Every project or property has a condition and grade. Our job is to deliver you that condition and grade in a detailed, practical, and streamlined manner- saving your time, and safeguarding your capital.

We are not home inspectors. We are commercial property inspectors, and we look at properties in the way that you, the investor, need them to be scrutinized. We analyze, evaluate, and investigate the highcost items that can impact your ROI.

Time Commercial Property Inspections

We examine:
Commercial HVAC.
The Roof and its substrate.
The Parking Lot and property topography.
The Electrical and Plumbing systems.
The Foundation, vertical, and lateral supports.…
Even the Commercial Kitchen, if it’s present.

Inspection Methodology

View our standards of inspection: A comprehensive guide to what we examine during every commercial property inspection.

Our approach is tailor-made and independently designed for each client we work with. Tell us what you want us to examine. Tell us what is of less concern. You are in the driver’s seat. We work on your behalf: To help you make the right decisions.

Give us a call or text today, and we’ll put together a detailed proposal for your next inspection within 24 hours.
Call (267) 217-2128

Our research team is standing by

Let us know the address of the property to be inspected and your contact information. Our research team will conduct an initial investigation of the property. Within 24 hours you will receive a detailed proposal for our services including pricing and availability.

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