Time Commercial Property Inspections - Capital Reserve & Cost-to-Cure Analysis

Cost-To-Cure Analysis

Capital Reserve Allocation

The three biggest expenses on a commercial property typically include the roof covering, the parking lot, and the HVAC system. A cost-to-cure analysis, or opinion of costs to remedy, will reveal the status & budgetary requirements of all major building systems in need of repair or replacement.

Cost tables embedded in your property inspection report will identify expected costs for maintenance, upkeep, and remedy of deficiencies. Providing the right intel to allow for efficient capital allocation, the cornerstone for any successful commercial investment.

Time Commercial Property Inspections - Parking Lot - Aerial

Providing you with the life expectancy, remaining useful life, replacement costs, and maintenance demands of all major assets & mechanical systems. Foresight to deploy capital when and where it is needed, avoiding untimely expenses that negatively impact your profitability.

We offer two levels of cost-to-cure analysis, perfect for your needs and your acquisition budget: Choose from a straightforward report identifying estimated costs for repairs and replacement needs, or a detailed action plan with multiple contractor quotes, market-based price shopping comparisons, and system maintenance schedules.

Give us a call or text today, and discover how a capital reserve study will benefit the bottom line of your next commercial real estate project.

Future-proof Your Acquisition

Untimely and unexpected expenses can reverse your portfolio performance trends overnight. Avoid the uncertainties of commercial property ownership with a cost-to-cure analysis. All major systems, assessed and analyzed, providing you with the expected repair and replacement costs, remaining lifespans, and anticipated yearly costs for ownership and upkeep. The information you need, to create the return you want.

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