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Time Commercial Property Inspections is now offering services in the Princeton, New Jersey area. With nearly 300 years of history, Princeton University remains one of the most prestigious academic institutions in the country.

With a world-class array of upscale dining and first-class mercantile establishments, Princeton presents as a classic and refined destination. Median household incomes currently soar 240% above the national average, powering an unparalleled economic landscape.

If Princeton is the site of your next business or real estate acquisition, our team is ready to provide due diligence and inspection services.

Easy Scheduling

Contact us today via phone, email, or text and receive a free written proposal for our services. Our research team will conduct an initial investigation of the property and generate a customized proposal for your review. All proposals include our pricing & scope of work and are made available to you within 24 hours.

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Our Services

Commercial real estate is unique. From multi-tenant rentals to triple net leases, view every commercial property type we specialize in.

What We Inspect

View our standards of inspection:
A comprehensive guide to what we examine during every commercial property inspection.

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